Online match finding in Pakistan

online proposals in Pakistan
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Online match finding in Pakistan is slightly new concept and gaining trust day by day. Many online match finding services in Pakistan are operating now to make match finding easy and cost effective. Below we will discuss the issues that a user faces while searching proposal online and obviously their possible solutions.

1. Clear Communication

Contacting someone for proposal and asking questions to check compatibility is the first issue a user faces while searching online match. People are mostly shy to ask about income and religious practices. Traditionally above questions are asked through a middle man.

2. Send me pictures

A most common message we send or receive very after sending proposal is "send me pictures".
Pakistani society is traditional and religious where pictures espasially of females are not shared immediately to anyone.
An early demand of pictures also causes distrust and suspicions. If the picture is not uploaded to the profile, it means that they want to delay showing the image.

3. Profile Verification

Suppose you have received a compatible proposal or you feel a profile very according to your preferences. So how you will verify details mentioned in profile are real or fake?
Don't worry we are writing possible solutions below for all above issues.

4. Receiving unwanted proposals

A rare but serious issue online match finders encounter is receiving unwanted or below preferences proposals. Saying sorry without hurting other side is a hard task but we have to do.

Some best practices we recommend
  1. Online match finding services are basically lead generators where you find people who are also looking for a match so do not be in a hurry after sending proposal.
    Wait for response with patience. If proposal is accepted then let other ask questions and response truthfully.
    Assure the next one that you are open to questions. It will help you to ask later.
    When you feel other is somehow satisfy you may ask for pictures but we recommend to have a meeting with family not rush towards pictures.

  2. Most matrimonial websites assign a verification or approval badge to a paid member. A paid member is always serious and trustworthy.
    So moving on to a paid members have very low risk to get disappointed.

  3. Completing profile sections and writing all required information give a clear sketch of you to others so hopefully only compatible ones will contact you.
    Reading other profile and partner preferences carefully also reduces the chances to be rejected.

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